Report of Events in 2001
(1)>Academic lecture Meeting Tohoku Branch Office Lecture meeting in 2001
 Decem. 1, 2001,Hachinohe Institute of Technology
 Number of papers: , Number of participants:
(2) Special lectures 1. 「The way of Nanotechnology」
(2001 JSPE Tohoku Branch Assembly)
April 17, 2001, School of Engineering, Tohoku University

Shoichiro Yoshida(Nicon Co.,Ltd  President)

2. Technical Lecture

Decem., 7, 2001, School of Engineering, Tohoku University
Yoshitomo Suzuki,Naoshi Suzuki,Masaaki Kan (NISSAN)

3. Introduction of Researches at Technical Colleges and Universities in Tohoku District(in Aomori)
March. 5, 2002, Hachinohe Plaza Hotel
(3) Local Activities Aomori District
Akita District Technical Lecture
Jan., 23, 2002
「Fusion between technique and culture in proceeding」
Yoshimi Ito(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Place: Akita University
Iwate District
Fukusima District Technical Lecture
Decem., 11, 2001
「Using condition of laser in Tohoku district」
Masawaki Fujii(Fukushima Hightech Plaza)
「Present from boss」
Ryuji Hashimoto(Hashimoto technical person Office )
「Environment investing consumer electronics recycle」
Tihiro Fukumoto(Hitachi, Ltd. )
Place: HAYASHI SEIKI SEIZO CO.,LTD.,Tisan Hotel Koriyama
Yamagata District
(4) Technical Tours 1. Oct., 12, 2001 Hanamaki city flotation support center,Wing pra,Oikawa industry,Tokyo Microdevice Hanamaki factory
2. Nov., 16, 2001 Tokyo Electron Tohoku,Kanto Auto Works, Ltd.
(5) Summer Techno college Intermission
(6) Technology Forum in Tohoku district Intermission
(7) The activate events in Tohoku Branch Office Plenitude of Home page in Tohoku Branch Office,Consideration on augmentation of Membership

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